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Updated: Aug 27, 2022

No doubt that everyone will remember their wedding for a lifetime, not only because there will be hundreds of photos, great videos, but also because this is your special day. All attention is focused on the bride. Despite that, we want to talk about some things that are not usually talked out loud, and maybe our pieces of advice will be useful to the brides.

1. Accept the fact that after the wedding you will have sore facial muscles, because this is your lucky day. You will smile for a photo, for friends, parents, guests … let’s just say, in a couple of days the pain will pass

2. At a wedding, as a rule, every bride will cry sooner or later, so think about napkins in advance.

3. On the wedding day, everyone will adore you, want something, pinch your cheek, be patient and watch your emotions and facial expressions, no matter how tired you are,

4. Many brides stay hungry after the wedding, the reason is simple – lack of time, then dancing with family, then photos with friends, then talking to guests, so don’t forget to have a breakfast in the morning, even if you are not that hungry.

5. Usually, the bride has a sleepless night before the wedding, we all know that, so think about always having at hand a concealer (because the tiredness can be a bit obvious), lipstick, mascara, matte napkins

6. Do not keep new shoes up until the wedding, they need to be worn and do not forget to bring a band-aid, just in case, because you will have to dance your first dance.

7. As a rule, at the wedding something goes not as planned, so just keep calm, you are a beautiful bride in a beautiful wedding dress and nothing shall spoil the happiest day. Pay attention to your soulmate, look into his loving eyes, after the wedding you will have a different feeling, a different status, remember every moment and enjoy your celebration, there will be always someone to solve problems.

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