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Bride of 2024

There’s nothing more timeless than a traditional wedding dress, which is why they’re back in a big way: The classically bridal fashion trend is expected to soar to new heights in 2024. Think about it—between A-line gowns with lace and crystal embroidery and strapless princess ball gowns made entirely of tulle, nothing says “bride” quite like a traditional ensemble floating down an aisle. "A classic bridal gown holds a timeless appeal for brides who cherish traditional aesthetics and silhouettes. In 2024, classic bridal gowns will continue to be a popular choice,” shares Chapman. 

That said, designers are expected to add modern elements to these iconic designs in order to prevent this aesthetic from feeling dated. Chapman, in particular, notes that she’s “introducing modern updates through convertible accessories, allowing [brides] to add a contemporary twist to their timeless look and the versatility to achieve multiple styles with a single gown."

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